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Be The Reason A Kid Can Wake Up With A Smile Instead Of An Empty Stomach On Christmas Morning

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Meet Iker, Valerie, And Cesar: Real Kids With Real Prayers That You Can Answer Today

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"Dear Santa...

My name Iker I am 9 years old and my nephew name Angel 5 years old and I am a kid that likes to learn alot. My mom is sick and has cancer. I want to ask if you can help her get better. I wish you can bring me clothes.  My nephew would like a spiderman toy or whatever you can bring because he is a kid.  But my big wish is for my mom to get better. Days are hard because my dad passed away this year."

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"Dear Santa, 


My name is Valerie. I live with my parents and 2 siblings. My older brother is 14 and my older sister has down sydrome. My parents work hard to put food on the table. My mom sells tomales on the street but the money is not enough. I would like for you to bring a little happiness to my home. An outfit to wear, a mini mouse or mickey mouse backpack fro my sister because she always wanted one and would make her happy. My brother would like a sweater. Also a pretty blanket for my sister."

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"Dear Santa,


My name is Cesar and I am a child of special needs. My mom is struggling and needs help to buy me clothes and toys for Christmas. My mom is a single mom and survives through her social security payment every month and she uses that money to pay the rent and food for us to eat and not enough to buy me clothes and shoes. My mom can't work because she has to stay home and take care  and watch over me. With all our heart, we ask if you can help us."​​

We've Answered Over 50,000 Christmas Letters, Here's A Look At Just 3

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