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Every year with your help, we will answer the letter request of a country in urgent need!

Kimberly Moore Foundation launches the "Adopt A Country" program, Delivering hope to children and families in need!


After adopting the letters of thousands of children in the United States and receiving hundreds of letter requests from children, non-profits and countries from around the world, KMF decided it's now time to spread their wings internationally and adopt a letter from a country that can definitely use its help from food, safe drinking water, medical, education and more.


Due to popular demand, the Kimberly Moore Foundation is proud to have finally launched it's Adopt A Country program. Kimberly Moore says, " It's been a dream of mine to travel internationally to help children living in extreme poverty and teach our children in America who have more, various ways they can be of service". It didn't take long for Adopt A Country to become a leadership program for our Los Angeles teen Hope Ambassadors who are working closely with KMF to help come up with creative ideas along with "their own" charitable initiatives to help deliver hope to those living in extreme conditions; while at the same time allowing them to appreciate the things that they have and feel significant in the process. So far KMF Hope Ambassadors, some of our very same teens who have asked us for food, are now activating their own communities to collect books, clothes and supplies to underprivileged children living in developing countries.


We will also organize small events, campaigns and partner with various non-profit organizations in the U.S. and in the developing country we are helping in order to ensure a safer environment for children, help them with basic necessities, medical, food, clean water, provide education and more.

The Adopt A Country program was launched in August 2015 after answering the letter of Lory Oppenheimer (an advisor to congress) to help the children of El Salvador who were in desperate need of education. Today El Salvador has two Kimberly Moore Foundation Learning Centers in San Salvador and Panchimalco. In August 2016 the Kimberly Moore Foundation has answered the letter of Norman Ebenezer, founder of "A New Dimension of Hope" charity to help bring education to the children of Liberia, West Africa  with a focus on girls education. It is stated that only 13% of children in the country have access to education. Adopt A Country - Liberia is currently in process at Memeh Town village comprised of 3,000 residences in need of water, medical and education. 




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