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Career Exploration!

We team up with public schools located in impoverished areas and provide influential speakers from various professions to talk to at risk youth and teens about their chosen career paths, share their story and introduce them to new possibilities and opportunities.


Join our team of speakers today!

Many thanks to our Celebrity Ambassadors, Hope Ambassadors, donors and mentors who participate and volunteer to share their inspirational story and message!


Kimberly Moore

Topic: Kimberly Moore Foundation - Mixing career with purpose


Rick Vanderkleijn

Topic: Brain Boost Nutrition, Keeping a Well Balance Brain & Positive Mental Attitude

Roy Wills

Topic: Technology and Sports

Lee England Jr.

Topic: Life as a professional violinist

Doc Halligan

Topic: Life as a celebrity vetinarian. caring for animals

Tomoyuki Iwanami

Topic: Inspiring others with art

Keith Herman

Topic: Health, Wellness and Marketing

Mark Khol

Topic: Cinematography

Dr. Fouad Ghaly

Topic: Stem cell research and regenerative medicine


Michelle Burton

Topic: Nonprofit

Yvonne Elmasri

Topic: Perserverance, entrepreneurship

Special thanks to:

Roosevelt Elementary in Lynwood


Global Wellness Day

Dirk Ahlborn

Topic: Hyperloop transportation technologies, reinventing transportation

Adam Torres

Topic: Financial advisor at Charles Schwab

Baron Jay Littleton

Topic: Film and Entertainment

Amany Shakir

Topic: Jewelry Designer

Cyrus Hekmat

Topic: Exam Performance

Bob Cohen

Topic: Education

Richard Ebeznik

Topic: Editing for film and television

Lea Zesati

Topic: Marketing Director

Isaac Mathew White

Topic: It's all about perpective - Professional photography

Norman Ebenezer

Topic: New Dimension of Hope - Building schools for children in Africa

Cindy Martinez

Topic: Never Give up - Inspirational speaker

Annette Pitari

Topic: The art of dance

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