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See what other professionals have to say about Kimberly Moore and the programs she's created over the years raising awareness and bringing hope to over 30,000 children and families in desperate need.

Mayor Jennifer Rodriguez, City of Bell Gardens

"Baroness Kimberly Moore is a women who can change the world for good. She is a very active volunteer in community work and various organizations that benefit children and families. She has always been generous with her personal time and as a result many of the less fortunate in our community have benefitted.  In 2008 Moore organized the donation of musical instruments to our local High School to keep the music program alive. The children in the community really benefitted from her generousity and her untiring efforts and the City of Bell Gardens is very appreciative for this gesture."

Frank Rico, Musical Instrument Director

"Thank you for your very kind gift for fundraising for our instruments in need. Your generousity will make an immediate impact in our children's lives. It is an enormous relief for parents and myself that a student can now go to the instrument room and have an instrument of their own waiting for them. Before this, strudents would have to share an instrument and trade in the middle of class so that each person would have enough time on the instrument. Kimberly, your gift could have not come at a better time. our generosity has provided the Bell Gardens H.S. music program with at least 15-20 years of security with fine musical instruments. It is a dream come true, not only for the students, but for me. I have spent countless of hours trying to get the best equipment for my students. Now that they will have it, we can relax for a little bit and watch them enjoy their new instruments."

Tobias Huber, Founder at Music 4 Peace  & The Gandhi Tour 

"It is my pleasure to recommend Kimberley Moore in here outstanding work of philanthropic projects. We are working together on the Music 4 Peace Initiative and the Gandhi Tour, where Kimberley is a Peace Ambassador along with Dr. Arun Gandhi. Kimberley is very dedicated to here projects and will always make sure that the resources are going to the ones in need. She as helped countless children and projects through her efforts in making a difference for future generations." It is always a pleasure to work together with Kimberley Moore. 

Ellen Fassler, Sales Director at Oracle 

"Kimberly is a consumate professional, focused & dedicated to her mission to serve others. Her global charitable efforts supporting a variety of causes is beyond noteworthy and commendable! She brings the personal touch to everyone she works with and is the single best organizer of events I have EVER seen. She connects the highest quality people from political dignataries to celebrities, industry specialists and global humanitarians all with a charter to make a difference. I have had the pleasure of knowing her and working with her for 15 years. I recommend her to anyone considering engaging with her --she will get the job done, connect you with those you want to meet and surpass your expectations immensely." 

Robert Robotti, Director of BRC Advisor's Major Asset Group

"Kimberly Moore is more than a humanitarian, she is very simply the personification of a true "Earth Angel." Many people with great intentions can express themselves with the love and passion that Kimberly has for children in need but very few make the effort at the level of commitment that Kimberly does. In short, she walks her talk....and fortunately for us, she raises awareness of these incredible causes for everyone who listens."

Brent Musson, Councilman | Real Estate Development Consultant 

"I’ve known Kimberly for nearly twenty years. She has always looked for ways to help and inspire. Her work, under her Adopt a Letter campaign, has done both. Her innate ability to inspire conjures up in all of us, the very best of the holiday spirit; and her unquenchable need to help sets her on a direct course to funnel every kindness, directly to the children for whom she advocates. As her friend and colleague, I’m very proud of what she has accomplished, and sitting on the edge of my seat to see what’s next—just hoping she’ll let me be a part!"

Barbara DeVorzon, President at DeVorzon Gallery

"Kimberly is an extraordinary example of giving back. She has changed the life of amazing amount of children by granting their wishes and positively changing their lives."

Yvonne Elmasri, Founder of Pynk Celebrity

I've has the honor of working with Kimberly Moore the past few years and I've never seen someone who genuinely puts the needs of others before their own. Kimberly's commitment to helping those in need is bar none. She brings light and hope to many impoverished families of Los Angeles. Lives have been forever changed because of Kimberly Moore and that earned her the title "Mother Teresa" of LA.

Caroline Chu, Founder / CEO of Caroline Chu Inc.

"Kimberly is simply amazing. She has great passion about what she does and it shows through her work in efforts of helping with children and several charitable initiatives. She has great positive energy in working with people and most of all she cares about them. It's a great honor to get to know Kimberly."

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