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When Opportunity Knocks!

An inspirational documentary series starring Kimberly Moore

When Opportunity Knocks (WOK) is an interactive/online charitable platform under the Kimberly Moore Foundation, dedicated to helping the helpless and delivering hope to people around the world through an element of surprise.


WOK was founded by Goodwill Ambassador Baroness Kimberly Moore who has dedicated her life after a near fatal car accident to bringing hope to children and families around the globe.  The program was inspired by her Kimberly Moore Foundation's - "Adopt A Letter "program which has answered the Christmas wishes of nearly 40,000 children and families living in highly impoverished areas.


After seeing so many families and children in dyer need last holiday, Kimberly Moore decided to take it to the next level year around and created "When Opportunity Knocks" providing life altering opportunities to those without resources who may never get the chance otherwise.... But they'll have to earn it and Pay it Forward!

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