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About us

Everyday children and adults in your local communities face the challenge of maintaining a home, a vehicle, food, education, and living a good, healthy, stable life. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2014 there were approximately 46.7 million people living in poverty. This means, millions of individuals did not and probably still do not have clean clothes, shoes, food, a home, nor did they receive the proper medical care they may have needed. Everyday,  someone faces a battle that others may not know about.


The Kimberly Moore Foundation is about the world joining together to create a better tomorrow and future for children. When good works are done for these children not only are their lives changed, but also their entire family’s life is changed (mother, dad, siblings, etc.). No we cannot change the world in one day, but we can all take part in changing the life of one person one day at a time. The Kimberly Moore Foundation has touched and changed the lives of over 35,000 children and families since 2007 and continues to do so with it's programs. Join in on the journey and take action in your local community.


The Kimberly Moore Foundation is dedicated to creating a variety of innovative programs that bring hope to children in need all over the world, helping those without a voice, empowering individuals and communities to change lives.

Our objective is to fulfill the wishes of underprivileged children through an element of surprise.... a "WOW" moment whenever possible!


  • Adopt A Letter: Each holiday we adopt letters to Santa written by thousands of underprivileged children and make their Christmas wishes come true.

  • Adopt A Country: Every year with your help we will answer the letter of a country in urgent need. Adopt A Country program is a leadership program for our teen Hope Ambassadors who participate by coming up with their own charitable inniatives on how we can help make a difference of those living in extreme poverty.

  • Adopt A Light: The Kimberly Moore Foundation has partnered with LUCI-solar powered inflatable LED lights to help us light up the lives of thousands of people living in developing countries that don't have access to electricity.

  • Keeping Harmony Alive: Saving music, one school at a time. The Kimberly Moore Foundation provides schools located in impoverished areas on the verge of loosing it's music programs with new and used instruments to help keep their programs afloat.

  • Mentoring and Leadership: Connecting our youths with positive role models.

  • Internships: Opportunity for youths to gain real world experience in the workforce.

​The Kimberly Moore Foundation recognizes there are many children, due to financial struggles and lack of resources, who are never exposed to opportunities that allow them to see the hope and possibilities that exist in our world. Granting a dream can help change a child's outlook towards life for the better and can be seen in each of the kids we kept in touch with.


TO nearly 100,000 CHILDREN IN NEED!
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