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Mentoring & Leadership

We offer mentoring and leadership programs for specific teenage recipients of our Adopt A Letter program and include them in programs that aid in their emotional, intellectual, and social development. The programs will teach them problem solving skills, personal goal setting and leadership skills. Each child will get exposed to different cultural experiences at each gathering. 




Leadership programs will be held once a year dedicated to empowering and inspiring our youths to become entrepreneurs, future leaders and agents of positive change in their community.


Benefits for youths:


  • Improved school performance, better grades, better attendance in school

  • Higher graduation rates: Youths are 5x more likely to graduate if they have a meaningful relationship with a mentor

  • Increased chance of going on to a higher education

  • Reduced juvenile crimes

  • Decreased likelihood of initiating illegal drug and alcohol use

  • Decreased violent behavior

  • A significant decrease in teen pregnancy

  • Improved self esteem and self confidence

  • Increase in communication skills

  • Gain valuable advice, support and encouragement

  • Improved relationships with family and peers

  • Positive social attitude

  • Gain exposure to new ideas and theories

  • Confidence to challenge oneself to achieve new goals.


Benefits for Mentors:


  • Develop coaching communication and leadership skills

  • Engage in a meaningful volunteer opportunity

  • Enhance relationship skills

  • Share valuable knowledge you gained from experience

  • Gain personal satisfaction by helping a student reach his or her academic or professional goal.

  • Gain a sense of accomplishment by making a positive impact on the life of another

  • Being a mentor allows you to reconnect with your inner-self

  • Recognition for service in the community

  • Increase self esteem and self confidence

  • Experience personal growth

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