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Every year with your help, we will answer the letter request of a country in urgent need!

This year we will partner with various non profit organizations in El Salvador to help bring hope and empower children in desperate need.


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Your contribution can bring hope to a country in great need!

Make a difference today!



Adopt A Country - El Salvador for Education


Since the launch of the Kimberly Moore Foundation - Adopt A Country program in El Salvador we have received many requests from around the world from people in desperate need.  

In August 2015 we received a letter request from Lory Oppenheimer (an advisor for Congress) asking for help. Since 2009, she has been caring for 89 children and providing assistance for those in living in extreme poverty, in desperate need of clean water, food, medical help, clothes, education and much more. Lory currently resides in El Salvador and for the past 8 years she has been working with various non-profit organizations and has dedicated her time volunteering at an orphanage after finding a handful of newborns tossed in the trash and left to die. 


The situation is getting worse by the day. More and more children are being abandoned by their parents, left on the streets and force to join gangs for comfort and support. Most of the barrios have no running water due to recent earthquake destructions of the waterways, and children have no choice but to fend for themselves to survive.


Attached to her letter I was moved by another request written by a 9 year old young boy in tears, living in the city of Panchimalco, asking me to please adopt his letter on behalf of the children in the community to help build them a little school or setup a place where they can study a few hours a day. The children barely had enough to eat but they got by, when it rained at night they would all get cold and wet because they did not have a roof guarding their homes.  Most of the children there live without electricity, and have no access to books or any kind of education. Their dream was to go to school, learn the English language so they can one day grow up and seek a good profession and be able to take care of their family with food and give them a proper home with a roof. 


Today with your help, the Kimberly Moore Foundation has provided hundreds of meals for children living in the orphanage with Operacion Bendicion charity along with books, school supplies, computers and clothing provided by our charity partners and Hope Ambassadors. We are also proud to launch a total of FIVE

 Kimberly Moore Foundation Learning Centers in El Salvador!

Located in Panchimalco, Rosario DeMora, Nejapa, Ciudad Delgada, Santiago Texacuangos

Thankfully, with the help of our charitable partners at The Peace Fund and Books and A Blanket, we have been able to collect over 5,000 elementary books and picture dictionaries in both English and Spanish. We also collected over 300 Disney books which come with their own Disney toys, over a dozen laptop computers donated byReboot For Youth and 250 inflatable solar lights by LUCI for the children who do not have access to electricity so that they are able to read and study at home. 

Unfortunately El Salvador currently has one of the highest murder rates of children and adolescents in the world! In May 2015, El Salvador reached it's highest number in homicide. An estimation of 20 people were killed a day on an average and there is no other record in this Central American nation that has ever reached this high in a single month.


Many of the children I met in El Salvador are bored and have nothing to do. We often find them wandering the streets unsupervised looking for some sort of activity. I am afraid, if they do not have a sense of purpose, they may voluntarily join a gang to reinforce their self-esteem (which is very common). Building them a school or educational center will help  give them a feeling of  significance and an opportunity to set realistic goals. Also, some of the supplies collected will also go to the children of Aguilares, El Salvador.


Another big thank you to  KMF Hope Ambassadors, some of our very same teens who have asked us for food, have activated their own communities to collect books, clothes and supplies to the children of El Salvador. We are very proud of them!

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