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The Kimberly Moore Foundation recognizes there are many children, due to financial struggles and lack of resources, who are never exposed to opportunities that allow them to see the hope and possibilities that exist in our world. Exposing children to other cultures, outdoor and educational activities enriches their lives and sets them up for a lifetime of curiosity and exploration. Our mission is to provide our inner-city kids with funfilled experiences that allow them to go outside their comfort zone and think outside the box, extend their horizons beyond their communities while learning about others as well as themselves.


Field trips are one of the richest learning and most interesting experiences our kids could ever have. We believe in organizing trips outside their familiar surroundings by taking them to different neighborhoods, cities and natural environments and give them a chance to see something they may not ordinarily see. Most of the kids we've worked with have never been more than a 15 mile radius from their home... which means most of out teens have never seen the ocean!


Benefits for youths:


  • A broader vision outside their usual world

  • Exposure to different people from various backgrounds

  • Appreciation of other cultures

  • Intellectually curious

  • Increase in communication skills

  • Building meaningful relationships with their peers

  • Gain a positive social attitude

  • Gain exposure to new ideas and theories

  • Better engagement in school

  • Helps them set purposeful goals

  • Confidence to challenge oneself to achieve new goals

  • Confidrnce in taking risks

  • Improved self esteem

  • Increase feeling of hope and inspiration

  • Help develop new interests and abilities


Sponsor a field trip:


Corporate companies and individuals are invited to sponsor a field trip.

To learn more email us at:


Adopt A Letter Beach Day



The Kimberly Moore Foundation will organize a beach day for some of our Adopt A Letter recipients, kids and teens who have never had the opportunity to see the ocean. 

To participate as a speaker for our private luncheon with our youth, please contact us at:

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