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Leadership Advisory Board

Leadership Advisors are individuals who believe in the value of our mission, donate their time and have taken on a position of leadership to help us with our fundraising efforts by utilizing their resources to make a difference.


Courtney A Stewart
Sponsor at KMF, Award - winning executive producer, CEO of NYLA Talent Development. VP at IPOP. Sponsor/Supporter of Thirst Project/Legacy Youth Leadershi, funded 2 projects bringing clean water to Eswatini, Africa. 
Los Angeles, CA

Diana Kelly

Marketing expert working with clients in all genres from Top influencers, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Technology, non-profits and more.

Los Angeles ,CA

Keith Herman
Best Sellling author,Speaker, Fundraising, Social Media, content writer for Forbes.
Los Angeles, CA

Roy Wills
Fundraising and sponsorships

Technology and Sports

Los Angeles, Ca.

Anya Levart
Fundraising, Event volunteer and toy distribution for Adopt A Letter 
Los Angeles, CA

Andrea Zito
Fundraising, Event planning for Kimberly Moore Foundation and Adopt A Letter program
Los Angeles, Ca.

Ella Phillips
Fundraising for Adopt A Country projects

Los Angeles, South Africa

Will McCauley
Technology, Los Angeles, CA

Brittany Robinson
Head of Brand Partnerships, Specializing in Branding, Marketing and Media Outreach.
Los Angeles, CA

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