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Education: Partnered programs


The Kimberly Moore Foundation would like to thank the Peace Fund and Peace Fund Radio for their immense support and partnership in bringing together charities to support our mission in Education. 


The PEACE Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) 'not for profit' charity founded by the actor, Adrian Paul.

The PEACE Fund focuses on small, under-funded and hard-working charities who are determined to make a positive difference to the lives of children living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

The words Protect, Educate and Aid are the focus of The Peace Fund's goals.


To support their mission visit:

Performing Arts

HHPA offers preventative outreach after school program where creativity, leadership, and community service is emphasized. HHSA is a curriculum based on all of the Elements of hip-hop that will be taught through programs and workshops all year round by a qualified staff. Studet's will learn a strong work ethic and will be able to carry that skill into their chosen professional goals. HHPA provides dedicated DJin', MCin' and Beat Boxin', B-boyin', Poppin' and Lockin', Hip Hop Dance and Urban Art departments with state of the arts equipment, recording studio and dance floors including a hip-hop library for those who want to learn and /or themselves in the art of hip-hop. To learn about HHSA visit:




Summer Arts Filmmaker Internship Program


The Baron Jay Family foundation will be working with a select group of  at risk teens to help guide them in a career in film, entertainment and media industries that are potentially personally interesting and financially rewarding. Summer film program available.


For more information on the Baron Jay Family Foundation visit:

Ruby Makeup Academy 

Ruby Makeup Academy offers comprehensive class and educational package. We teach you everything you need to know to join the workforce as a certified Professional Makeup Artist! Makeup School located in Los Angeles, CA. Three locations: North Hollywood, Temple City and Upland.


In August 2014, the Ruby Makeup Academy was ranked #403 on the Inc. Magazine Top 500 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.


For more information visit:

The Limitless Academy



The Limitless Academy is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) based initiative powered by Concerned Citizens Community Involvement (CCCI), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  Its purpose is to bridge the educational resource gap among South Los Angeles communities by empowering local students to learn and master cooperative learning skills, technical skills and to develop professional aptitudes and attitudes.


Using the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics curriculum and educational services, we are able to build excitement, knowledge, and a practical understanding of science, technology, engineering and math.  In a competitive environment, our students go toe to toe with children around the world and build pride in their ability to design, program, and develop technology to solve engineering problems. To learn more visit:

French Conservatory of Music

As a direct descendant of the "Conservatoire International de Musique de Paris" established by Maurice Ravel in 1925, the French Conservatory of Music aims to bring 90 years of heritage and experience in music education to the Los Angeles area, allowing students to have access, not only to a rigorous and professional musical training but to a (musical) way of life.


The teaching methodology remains similar to the one taught in France, emphasizing on the acquisition of skills and techniques necessary to reach full freedom of (artistic) expression. It is with a highly trained and experienced educational team actively involved in the artistic life, that students of all ages and levels, will develop their musical skills through a large selection of courses including instrumental studies, theory classes and music production programs.


In order to provide the highest level of education and adapt to the pace and needs of each student, the French Conservatory is offering personalized one-on-one classes for all its courses.


Naturally, a proper music education is first and foremost about listening, sharing and communicating with others. Every student will have access to chamber music classes and/or choir sessions early on.


To learn nmore visit their website at:




& organizations unite,

TOGETHER we can make an even GREATER IMPACT!

Love Notes

Lee's Love Notes will conduct introductory performances to excite students; Basic level instructions for new musicians; Music camps to advance skills; advance level master classes to refine skills, and mentorship behind music. To learn more about Love Notes and it's programs visit:


Love Notes was founded by Lee England Jr, a virtuoso violinist, who wowed audiences during the Backstage at the Geffen fundraiser last March with his performance of John Legend’s “All of Me.” He has performed, as a featured act, for Jay-Z & Beyonce, Rihanna’s Diamond Ball, the NAACP Image Awards and the John Wayne Cancer Institute. He has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Mo’Nique Show, and on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Making the Band.

The Exam Performance program



Exam Performance Publishing has developed a cutting-edge peak performance training program, The Exam Performance Program, to help test-takers maximize their performance and scores on standardized tests. Based on peak performance training techniques derived from fields of neurology, clinical psychology and sports psychology, The Exam Performance Program helps test-takers train to “Get In the Zone” and perform at their best during stressful exam conditions, when it matters most. The Exam Performance Program delivers the only proven solution for serious test-takers who are ready to perform at a higher level.


To learn more, visit website at:

Reboot For Youth


A big thank you to Reboot for Youth for supporting our Adopt A Country program of the Kimberly Moore Foundation and providing our community center students in Panchimalco, El Salvador with computers.


Reboot for Youth is an organization focused at giving back to the community. Founded by high school students in early 2014, this initiative has already impacted many kids throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area as well as Costa Rica, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The organization was started based on a firsthand experience with students through a free youth tutoring program who did not have access to a computer throughout the entire year. As a result, using the public library computers was a daily routine and completing homework was inefficient for many. Having a recent hobby of building computers, the founders of Reboot for Youth wanted to combine their advanced knowledge for current technology with their passion of assisting others in the community.


To learn more on how you can support their mission visit:

The purpose of Books and a Blanket is to promote literacy and well-being among young students who are in need.


A big thank you to Books and a Blanket for supporting our Adopt A Country program of the Kimberly Moore Foundation and providing our community center students in Panchimalco, El Salvador with 300 books and toys.


Books and a Blanket is based on an idea conceived by two sisters, Harper and Maggie. They are both avid readers who have hearts for giving.

Each year, prior to the Winter Break, we give children in need a basket of 15 books and a quilt or fleece blanket. Given the importance of literacy at early ages, we focus on children in grades pre-K to 4. Our project ensures the students have books to read and something to keep them warm. 


To support their mission visit:


The Kimberly Moore foundation is a big believer in forming partnerships with other non-profits and organizations who share the same mission in order to create an even greater impact! Below are a list of non-profits and organizations that we are working with to provide our at risk teens with tutoring, extra skills and education in there chosen career paths.

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