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Be The Reason A Kid Can Smile This Christmas

So far we’ve been able to provide Christmas miracles to over 50,000 kids, some of which didn’t even have enough food for a Christmas dinner


However, it all started with a single letter addressed to Santa, that I found on the post office floor…


I opened it up expecting a normal Christmas wish such as a new bike or maybe even the new playstation


But what it read shocked me to my core…

In the messy handwriting of an adorable 6 year old it read “Dear Santa, can you please bring us some food were hungry” 

I knew that I couldn’t let these Christmas prayers go unanswered and I wanted to do everything that I could to make sure that no kid in need would wake up and not get to experience a real Christmas


And since then I have not given up on that promise


So I started the Kimberly Moore Foundation and have dedicated my life to making as many Christmas dreams come true through the kindness of people just like you


We set up this foundation to allow you to donate and adopt a letter, answering a Christmas wish that would otherwise go unanswered


We want to be able to give thousands of kids an amazing Christmas this year… but we can only make it happen if we get started early.


This is your chance to be Santa for a kid in need who otherwise wouldn’t get to experiences the joys of Christmas.

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Adopt A Letter Like This

Your Impact


Adopt 40 Letters = $920

Adopt A Letter = $23

Adopt 20 Letters = $460

Adopt 10 Letters = $230

Adopt 2 Letters = $46

Adopt 4 Letters = $92

Adopt 5 Letters = $115

Real Letter From 9 Year Old Iker Whose Mom Just Got Cancer

Dear Santa...

My name Iker I am 9 years old and my nephew name Angel 5 years old and I am a kid that likes to learn alot. My mom is sick and has cancer. I want to ask if you can help her get better. I wish you can bring me clothes.  My nephew would like a spiderman toy or whatever you can bring because he is a kid.  But my big wish is for my mom to get better. Days are hard because my dad passed away this year.

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